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The best Ink-Saloon ever!
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The Tat Shack was established in 1999. Owned and run by Award Winning Artist Deano and his wife Trish.
Deano had been tattooing for many years before this, in professional studio's, and has over 30 years experience in the industry. Estelle was trained by Deano and Trish and now has her own studio in Malta. Deano and Trish are now retired.
The Tat Shack had a reputation for being warm, friendly and welcoming, with of course, high quality tattoos!
We also had a feature in the celebrity magazine 'Atelier'.
The Tat Shack was mentioned as one of the worlds best studio's, alongside Kat Von D, Horioshi 3 and Louis Malloy.
Click here to see the article!
Also, in 2011 one lucky customer had his tattoo placed in the Official Liverpool Programme!
It has been voted by the fans and the Official site itself as 'The best Liverpool Tattoo in the World' You can see pictures of this here.
The picture above/left is of Deano's Portfolio which was signed by Lyle Tuttle, the Grandfather of Tattooing in the USA. He wrote,
'To Deano and his great tattoos' at a Tattoo Convention in Limmerick, Ireland, November 9th 2002.
Lyle Tuttle died on March 25th 2019 at the age of 87. R.I.P.
"International  Award  Winning Artist."
We had a worldwide reputation for giving OUTSTANDING tattoos at a fair price. Deano had the privilege to work with, and learn from, some of the best tattooers in the business. All his knowledge and experience was passed along to Estelle, who recieved comprehensive training from Deano himself.

Working alongside Deano at his studio, Estelle was without question his best student. Estelle has progressed to have her own studio in Malta, where she continues to do outstanding tattoos at a fair price, and has further developed her own, unique style.
You can connect with Estelle and visit her website here.

The picture above/left is of Estelle with, Deano (left) and Dan Gold. Taken at 'Ink for Heroes' Tattoo Convention in Catterick 2011.
Deano also had his work published worldwide, in tattoo books and tattoo magazines.
He was a member of APTA (Association of Profesional Tattoo Artists), ETAA (European Tattoo Artists Association) TCGB (Tattoo Club Of Great Britain) CATA (China Association Of Tattoo Artists) NTA (National Tattoo Association) EETO (Elite European Tattoo Organisation).

The picture below/right is of our beloved 'Tat Shack' studio, on the Wirral Peninsular, where 'The Tat Shack' all began :)
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